Cycling to the farm

My ride is a old blue steel frame cramerotti. It rides really beautifully and has trees on the forks to remind me of why I bike. I love the freedom of cycling, the wind, being able to hear, see and smell everything around you. I like the speed, the efficiency. Cycling is moving meditation where my thoughts have room to roam.

Before my cramerotti was a teal bianchi that got me through university when my other bike was stolen. My bianchi allowed me to slowly ease into a world where biking is transportation, biking is social, biking is art, biking is community. This is a world where bikes are a part of my identity, not just another way to get around town.

Then came the Sprockettes. ( I was dumbfounded when I first saw them perform. They were amazing, beautiful, confident women- and they were promoting cycling, community and empowerment as a celebration! People loved it! I adored it! These ladies were pivotal in inspiring a small group of women to start the b:c:clettes, and they were one of the reasons that I joined the budding collective.

Being part of the b:c:clettes ( has allowed me a creative outlet that I never thought possible as an 'adult'. To be able to choreograph, to dance to be silly with such a wonderful group of women is truly an honour. I still marvel at the talent, energy, work, intelligence and intention that makes up the b:c:clettes and allows us to share our celebration of cycling, of sustainability, of community engagement to our audiences.

Sharing so many different learning and skill building experiences with the clettes has allowed me to dream, to see possibilities where I thought there were none.

Today, I'm dreaming of providing local food to communities and breaking down the barriers of 'separateness' and 'away'. I'm dreaming of a place where people cultivate relationships with the natural world around them, with their sense of place.


  1. So so so happy to be able to take this journey with you...even if just through this blog.

    Gonna RSS your blog so I'm up to the a sharp contrast to your life on the island!


  2. MF, I was just thinking today as I was cutting the old raspberry canes back that I hope you start a blog. And I check my email tonight, and there it is! Woohoo! thanks for sharing with us. And the 'clettes miss you too, as does the Prince Albert house, and me.
    - kelt

  3. Melissa my dear I love your blog and I love to hear your voice in writing.
    I'm so happy for you when I think if you on Cortes and learning more about farming. I miss you, the Clettes miss you, it will be great to have you back, and until then I'll keep you and Cortes in mind for possible exploration trips away from the big city.
    Lots of hugs, big ones, and until later, enjoy the sunshine.
    lori k

  4. So SWEET!

    Looks like we've got your Clettes bio right here! Pretty inspiring is MF!!!

    At the Beehive (my house in Vancouver) we took down our front fence and now we have way more room to garden. Lots of seeds already in the ground.
    Wowza! 9 person collective house. What a crazy situation. Good thing you have experience from the New West Coop.

    Ride safe out there fabulous MF



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