On beauty

This is something I wrote earlier this spring... when we first moved on to Salt Spring Island.  We lived by a beautiful lake and swallows were abundant in our neighbourhood. I would often imagine what it would like to be a swallow-to swoop and dive, to buzz, click and chirp with the other swallows siting on the hydro wires along the road.  I think many people have dreams of flying or the urge to fly.  This was one of those moments where flying and stillness merge between the worlds of earth, water and sky.

I am grateful that old cedar trees still live on the shore of the lake. That their graceful limbs reach down to the lake in an embrace, and if you are lucky, you can nestle yourself under the protection of this great spirit. I am grateful that from this place of protection, swallows dance on the fading dusk skies. I am grateful that a robin calls out for a mate from a high branch in the maple tree. I am grateful that these beautiful creatures can remind me that life is beautiful.

Life is inhaling and exhaling. 
Still minds and beating hearts-
We find life.
We find beauty.


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