Cosmic words for a new journey

ok -first of all, I love the word Cosmic.   Cosmic.  It is a joke, but at the same time it is everything, it is bigger than all of us, it is science, it is metaphysical, it is the great unknown.

I started writing this post after finishing BKS Iyengar- Light on Life- The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace and Ultimate Freedom. 

That was months ago now, on Salt Spring Island, where I had time to read.  Now I am in Rwanda, where there is very little time to read- but lots of time to experience the new, the different.  I will be in Rwanda until the end of November 2012.  Please follow my journey at

Some of my favourite words of wisdom from the book are listed below.

'So often what prevents us from living and admirable life is the chattering of our minds, which pester us with long outdated doubts and despair.'

Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher, said, ' Know yourself. Know what is good. Know when to stop."

'Freedom is the innermost desire of all our hearts. It is the only desire that leads us toward unity and not separation. It makes possible our aspirations to love and be loved, and on its farthest shore, touches that union with infinity that is the ground and the goal of yoga. If infinity seems a long way off, let us not forget that when, by an act of effortful intelligence, we remove our feet from the warm bed to the cold floor, we have taken our first step.'

'Do not confuse Aloneness with loneliness. Loneliness is separation from the cosmos. Aloneness is to become the common denominator of the Cosmic All.'

'The animate are born through it and live by it, and when they die, their individual breath redissolves into the cosmic breath.'


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