Tour de Farm in the Creston Valley

In the beginning of September, Young Agrarians hosted a wonderful 26km ride through the beautiful, abundant Creston Valley.  What a wonderful way to celebrate community and food!

I hope that the Creston Valley Tour de Farm becomes an annual event so I can entice some of my city friends to come join us next year!

We gathered at the Creston Chamber of Commerce in the morning

And then we rode...down hills, up hills, into meadows and mountains
First stop was Kootenay Meadows- an organic dairy and fromagerie
Kootenay Meadows- We ate cheese, saw a newly born calf and learned about the cheese making process
And then we rode...
To Mo and Mikey Farms- where YA coordinators were farming with Mo and Mikey this season
Mo and Mikey Farms- low polytunnel with melons and tomatoes (we ate lots of delicious melons here!)
Mo and Mikey Farms- eating lunch. mmmmm
And then we biked to Root and Vine Acres in Erickson
Root and Vine Acres- herb spiral in their market garden
Root and Vine Acres- we got to play with kittens! and see lots of happy pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, turkeys, chickens....
And then we rode a small distance to JRD Farms- home of peaches, pears, apples, plums and pinot noir grapes
JRD Farms makes William Tell sparkling apple and pear juice, apple cider and more products to come in the future...
JRD Farm- we drank juice, ate fruit, saw a chicken tractor, top bar hives and had a group photo to top off the day!

Thanks so much to the Kootenay Young Agrarian Coordinators for organizing such a great event!  Thanks to the farmers of the Creston Valley that opened up their farms for tours this year.  Looking forward to it next year!


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