PDC at Lost Valley December 2014

I took a Permaculture Design Course with Jude Hobbs, Rick Valley, Maraisha Aurebach, and teaching assistant Anna Wemple, at Lost Valley, Oregon in December, 2014.  It was lovely! This PDC was offered through the Cascadia Permaculture.

Here are some pictures of the course, the location, activities and participants.

 Lost Valley Education Centre

Lost Valley has amazing lichen, moss and liverwort all over the trees
Lost Valley residents' area with kids play area and hammock zone
Dispacus (teasel) seeds germinating on the seed heads

Riparian area

Permaculture Learning

Learning about the permaculture principles

Observation Exercise

Measuring the lay of the land

Making an A-frame

Kamas, fertility, guilds, medicine

Maraisha's Edible Guild Game!

Interesting Structures at Lost Valley

Solar water heater in the meadow
Solar dehydrator
Passive Solar Tiny House in the Meadow
Cordwood sauna with a woven willow privacy screen

 Cougar Mountain

Cougar Mountain is the lovely home and epic permaculture project of Anna Wemple and family. 

Greenhouse effect on the south side of the house


Built pond

Ferrocement drinking water tank

Many miles of forest

Our Group

“The thinking and design revolution, of which permaculture is part, only makes sense when it reconnects us to the wonder and mystery of life through practical interaction.”
- David Holmgren


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