The Permaculture City

I just finished Toby Hemenway's new book The Permaculture City, published by Chelsea Green, 2015.

I have recommended Hemenway's previous book, Gaia's Garden to numerous people as a really good intro to the land-based systems and design process of permaculture.  Hemenway's writing is clear, interesting and very effective at communicating the complex ideas that surround whole systems thinking.  The Permaculture City, is another great resource.  This book goes more in depth into the social, political and cultural aspects of permaculture, as well as explain specific strategies for urbanites.  Hemenway does a really good job at explaining the permaculture design process for questions like 'how can I feed myself sustainably?', 'what is the idea behind right-livelihoods?', 'how can we work in community to meet our needs and grow capacity?'.

If you are looking for a good read over the holidays, find a way to get your hands on a copy of The Permaculture City.  You won't be disappointed!

Thanks to the Creston Library for taking into consideration my book suggestions!


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