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I'm trying this new thing this year, a resolution to be here now. I have noticed that I have this pattern of reliving past decisions with regret or (more usually) I being worried/anxious about the future. But if I and other people are in the past or the future? What are we doing with our now? Somebody gave me analogy for this: 'Most people are not really here. They are dressed up as empty chairs in the audience'.

Sometimes I don't think I have the resources to be who I want to be right now... no money, no access to land, not smart enough, not energetic enough etc etc... When I was in the Linnaea programme- there was this week where we were all super bummed because we thought that we would never make it as farmers because land is typically inaccessible to young people unless they have inherited money/land, or have a partner that is well off.... However, there are other ways to get around land access issues such as urban agriculture, guerrilla gardening, leasing or work trade agreements with land owners and many many more if you use your creativity.

Geoff Johnson is a Linnaea alumni who started this amazing urban homestead in Victoria B.C. It is super inspiring what he has done to a normal house and lot to turn it into a productive, beautiful, inspiring permaculture system. He now teaches urban homesteading workshops in Victoria. He was started an amazing urban garden called the Spring Ridge Commons- a garden for food, for learning, for the community for wildlife, for the future.

Robin Tunnicliffe leases land to farm and is part of the wonderful Saanich Organics- a cooperative with a couple other growers on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula. They provide veggie bins (CSA- community supported agriculture) for many people, sell at farmer's markets, provide for local restaurants and teach apprentices and young farmers.

Lee is another alumni who leases land on Cortes island and has started breeding different varieties of chickens on the land (along with the other millions of things she does!).

Heather Johnstone (another Linnaea grad) has started a project called Edible Garden Project on the North Shore of Vancouver to build community gardens and agriculture in the city. To build knowledge about growing food and access to this food.

These people did not have all the resources they needed at the beginning to make everything happen at once. They built incrementally and had confidence in their abilities and the support of their communities.

So here is a blog I found on urban homesteading which is really interesting and has alot of content. Don't be intimidated but how much they have going on... you can do it too! Just focus on what you can do to be that change you want to see and then build.

Words of wisdom from Kumu Raylenne

Here are some words from a very inspiring Hawaiian teacher in North Kohala, Kumu (teacher) Raylenne. She teaches the local hula class and ho'opono pono.

What are the things you hold the most sacred? What is pono for you? This is important to figure out so you know how to respond in life: in order to make the right decisions for you, in order to act according to your truth. What is the language you use that will empower you to take the next step?

There are many different ways to get there. We are just trying to figure it out. Ask- did it work for you?

Do you have a box/tradition that you are trying to fit into? What is it? Does it serve you?

PAY ATTENTION. Be present in the moment. Be engaged so that if something changes you will notice. So you can be at the right place in the right time.

Throw out doubt. Ask yourself, when was the last time it served you?

You are here now because you can do it.


  1. yes... we are here now because we can do it!!!

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration sistah!

  2. thanks rSara! that is soo true!

    Do we ever do anything alone? WE is an important word!


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