More Growing Resources for Hawaii

Here are some other gardening resources I have come across:

Ever thought about having chickens? Want to know more? Here is some information about feeding chickens in Hawaii by a local farmer, Ben Discoe. There is info that is applicable to anywhere as well- so don't dispair if you don't have coconuts in your backyard to feed to your chickens. Also- check out his blog. There is lots of good information about tea, chickens and biochar. He has especially good directions and pictures about making biochar.

Also I just had a look at a picture book of farms in Hawaii called 'Pathways to abundant gardens: a pictorial guide to successful organic growing By Craig R. Elevitch'. Beautiful pictures and lovely advice such as: 'The consensus among successful gardeners is start small, grow what you like, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.'
Craig Elevitch also has alot of information about agroforestry species (and more) in Hawaii on his website. It's truly amazing how much information he has published!

Also Hawaii Homegrown Network is an excellent resource for finding farmer's markets, articles on local food movements and events on the big island.

Also for those interested in taro (kalo) the sacred root, here is a key for they 300+ kinds grown in Hawaii. I couldn't get it to load on my computer but there is some information you might find interesting on the website such as basic anatomy and links to other resources. Books have probably been written about this staple of the Hawaiian diet- but I haven't dived into it too much. Delicious, nutritious, varied, toxic ( irritating if you don't cook it long enough) it is a plant with many faces.


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